Fatal Experiment

SESSION 2015-07-07

Dr Grayslick told the heroes her story. She comes from the future, her husband and child were killed in a battle between a warlord named General Grundle and a hero who was the last student of Master Bang.

She and Professor Accelerator came back in time to perfect human transformation experiments, funded by GHIDORA.

She explained the concept of the Chi War, junctures and portals to the Netherworld.

She told them a portal to the Netherworld exists, guarded by GHIDORA, in the HSBC Bank building in Hong Kong.

She asked Master Bang to promise to try to change the future and save her husband and child before he granted her a swift death.

Together with Lt Sammo, Experiment 70, and a defecting soldier named Ray, the heroes rescued Professor Accelerator and a group of Master Bang’s students from a hostage camp on the edge of the mountain.

In the process, Master Bang unleashed a ferocious Flying Windmill Kick, brutalizing the camp’s murderous boss, an Indonesian silat master named Arif.

Professor Accelerator seemed friendly to the heroes, guiding them to a pier where their hijacked boat had been docked. Master Bang advised his students to keep secret his involvement in their rescue, and to return to their school and uphold their honor.

Experiment 70 vowed his loyalty once again to Master Bang but his transformation was unstable and his wounds were great. He dove into the water to try to find peace.

The heroes escaped the island, heading back to Hong Kong.


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